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Wind Haven is committed to providing a lifeline to survivors of domestic violence in the middle Georgia area through our SafeRide program. We understand the challenges survivors face, especially when it comes to transportation, and we are dedicated to ensuring their safety and security. Our program offers a reliable and confidential ride service, allowing survivors to access discounted rides, easing the financial burden. At Wind Haven, we believe that everyone deserves a chance to rebuild their lives, and our SafeRide program stands as a beacon of hope and assistance for those in need. Our drivers are Wind Haven ministers or ministers-in-training who provide discounted, safe rides to domestic violence survivors. We are based out of Warner Robins! The following rates are for pick-up around the Warner Robins area. If your pickup is in another listed location, your rate will be based on miles traveled. Contact us for details! 

Anywhere in Warner Robins/Centerville/Byron – $15.00 one-way or $25 round-trip for locations within a 10-mile radius.

Bonaire/Kathleen/Lizella – $20 one-way or $35 round-trip for locations within an 11 to 15-mile radius.

Macon/Ft. Valley/Perry  – $25 one-way or $45 round-trip for locations within a 16 to 30-mile radius.

Forsyth – $40 one-way or $75 round-trip for locations within a 31 to 75-mile radius.

Atlanta Airport/South Atlanta Area -$120 one-way or $200 round-trip for locations within a 76 to 100-mile radius.

Stops in Between – $5 per 10-minute stop. 

Rides Over 100-Miles – Any rides over 100 miles are available via an hourly rate of $50/hr (approx. $1.20/mile.) Contact us for a detailed quote.

*All rides must be PRE-PAID before pick-up. 

Wind Haven Angel Rides: If you are a domestic violence victim in need of a ride to safety (a shelter, the police station to file a report, etc) call us and say “I’m trying to reach Angel” to dispatch a ride. Your driver will be disguised as a Lyft/Uber driver, so you can make up any destination (I.E. the grocery store) if you are concerned about being overheard. If you are unable to contact the DV shelter to determine space availability, simply state “I need to make an additional stop on the way” and we will contact the local shelter for you. Again, you can make up a bogus destination for the “stop” if you are concerned about being overheard. 

**Angel Rides is a free ride program for Houston County, GA victims in crisis! Donations are always appreciated and allow us to keep offering this program. 

Drivers & Payment Details:

Pastor Stephann Parizek: 210-540-1181 CASHAPP: $StephannYoder

Pastor Sarah Grace Ake: 478-955-7993 CASHAPP: $SGAke03

Pastor Stacey McEntyre: 678-815-8967 CASHAPP: $StaceyMcEntyre

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