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Driver Requirements

  1. Drivers must be licensed for at least 2 years and must purchase & provide an MVR from the local DMV. Driver’s license & MVR must be uploaded to the app before driver activation. A preference for an overall clean driving record with minimal incidents.
    • No more than 2-3 moving violations within the past 3 years.
    • No major moving violations (such as reckless driving or excessive speeding) within the past 5 years.
    • No more than 1-2 at-fault accidents within the past 3-5 years.
    • No DUI/DWI convictions within the past 5-7 years.
    • No license suspensions or revocations within the past 3-5 years, especially related to traffic violations.
  2. Drivers must provide proof of insurance and current registration before driver activation. Drivers must electronically sign a driver agreement and waiver of liability, and they are responsible for ensuring they have proper coverage for transporting passengers before driver activation. (SEE WIND HAVEN INSURANCE REQUIREMENTS)
  3. Before August 1, 2024: Dash cams are highly recommended to ensure the safety and security of both drivers and passengers. By August 1, 2024: Dash cams are required to ensure the safety and security of both drivers and passengers. Drivers must purchase a dash cam that records internally to protect drivers and passengers. Wind Haven’s minimum required camera: 4K Dual Dash Cam. Wind Haven’s recommended cameras: 1. TeqHome 3 Channel Dash Cam Front and Rear Inside. 2. 3 Channel Dash Cam, 1080P Front and Inside. 3. Galphi 3 Channel Dash Cam Front and Rear Inside. 4. LANMODO 2 Channel D1 4K Dash Cam with 5G WiFi GPS App. Drivers must provide proof of an installed camera. (SEE WIND HAVEN ASSAULT POLICY)
  4. Drivers must obtain a criminal background check and upload it to the app before driver activation. Visit a local fingerprint office and have them submit your results to Wind Haven at WindCommuter@WindHavenFoundation.org. (SEE WIND HAVEN CRIMINAL BACKGROUND POLICY)
  5. Drivers must complete a pre-employment drug screen at a medical lab and have the lab send the results to Wind Haven at WindCommuter@WindHavenFoundation.org. We will not accept results sent to us by the driver. (SEE WIND HAVEN DRUG POLICY.)

Insurance Requirements

Drivers acknowledge they are an independent contractor and not an employee of the Organization. Drivers must maintain insurance coverage that meets the following requirements:

  1. Personal auto insurance that meets or exceeds the minimum coverage requirements of the state of Georgia:
    • Bodily Injury Liability: $25,000 per person and $50,000 per accident.
    • Property Damage Liability: $25,000 per accident.
  2. Commercial auto insurance endorsement that covers the vehicle while providing transportation services.
    • Commercial auto insurance endorsement minimum coverage levels required:
      • $100,000 per person for bodily injury.
      • $300,000 per accident for bodily injury.
      • $50,000 for property damage.

Vehicle Requirements

Vehicle must be properly maintained per the following safety protocols:

  1. The vehicle must be no older than 15 years old with no more than 200,000 miles on the odometer. The vehicle must be able to pass regular safety inspections, have no major mechanical issues or leaks, and maintenance must be up to date. No significant cosmetic damage (must be safe to drive, all doors and trunk must open and close, etc). Clean interior with no major wear and tear.
  2. No oil leaks, no radiator leaks, no gas leaks, no wires sticking out of tires, no bald tires, no split tires, no missing lug nuts, no exhaust leaks, no missing mufflers, all doors & trunk must close & open properly, all lights must be operational, the horn must be operational, windshield wipers must be operational, windshield washer fluid must be at least half full.
  3. All floorboards and seats must be free of trash and personal items. Drivers are not required to allow passengers in their front seats unless no back seat is available and may keep personal items there.
  4. Oil changes and tire rotations must be completed per the vehicle manufacturer’s requirements.
  5. Windshields, windows, lights, and mirrors (all glass) must be intact and free of cracks.
  6. Drivers should follow their vehicle manufacturers’ recommended maintenance schedule for oil changes and tire rotations.
  7. Brakes should not be dragging or pulling to one side or the other. The brake pedal should not have to go all the way to the floor to stop. Drivers should have their brakes inspected at least every 6 months during tire rotations and replaced as needed.
  8. Steering should be free and not make any noise, and you should not have to struggle to steer. Maintain power steering fluid.
  9. The vehicle must have functional seat belts and airbags.
  10. The vehicle should be equipped with ABS and stability control.

Riders will have the ability to report safety violations and poorly maintained vehicles. Your vehicle must be safe to drive. Reported safety violations will result in deactivation until documentation of repair is provided. Drivers should complete a vehicle safety check before their first ride of the day!

Daily Safety Checklist

This list should be completed at least 2 hours before your first ride!

  1. Check tire pressure and ensure it matches the recommended PSI. Inspect tire tread for signs of wear. Check for missing lug nuts.
  2. Check for leaks: look for puddles under the vehicle, and check fluid levels (see #3).
  3. Check engine oil level and quality. Verify coolant levels. Check brake fluid, transmission fluid, and power steering fluid levels.
  4. Test all exterior lights, including headlights, taillights, brake lights, hazard lights, reverse lights, and turn signals.
  5. Verify mirrors are clean, free of cracks, and properly adjusted.
  6. Check windows for cracks.
  7. Test windshield wipers and check windshield washer fluid.
  8. Ensure trunk and doors open and close properly.
  9. Start your car to ensure it will crank, check for warning indicator lights on the dash, and check fuel level.
  10. Inspect the battery terminals for corrosion and ensure they are secure.
  11. Inspect seat belts and ensure they are functional and accessible for passengers.
  12. Test the horn.

Follow all traffic laws and practice defensive driving. Give yourself plenty of time to get where you are going. Remember our favorite safety tip: don’t get in a hurry, that’s when accidents happen! And, look out for idiots!

Assault Policy

Before August 1, 2024: Dash cams are highly recommended to ensure the safety and security of both drivers and passengers. Effective August 1, 2024: Drivers are required to have a functional dash cam installed that records the interior of the vehicle when passengers are present.

If a passenger reports an assault to Wind Haven, the driver will be temporarily suspended pending an investigation, and a report will be filed with the police. Drivers are required to provide dash cam recording as a part of any investigation. If a driver experiences an assault from a passenger, they must provide the entire ride duration’s video footage from their dash cam to Wind Haven administrators. Similarly, if a driver is accused of assault, they must also submit the dash cam video for the reported ride.

Failure to have a functional dashcam during a ride, if reported, will result in the driver being suspended pending investigation by legal authorities, and Wind Haven administrators will not intervene. This policy is designed for the safety of both drivers and passengers, recognizing that not all crimes are detected and not all accusations are valid. Drivers must ensure their dash cams are operational and recording daily before starting their shifts. Any issues with the dash cam should be reported immediately, and rides should not be accepted until a replacement is obtained.

Safety is Our Priority!

Effective August 1, 2024, drivers are strictly prohibited from operating without a functional dash cam. Passengers can report drivers without operational dash cams, leading to temporary deactivation until proof of a working dash cam is provided. Drivers have the right to cancel a ride if they feel unsafe. If a passenger behaves in a way that causes the driver to feel unsafe, drivers can end the ride at any point. During an ongoing ride, drivers should seek a public location, such as a police or fire station, and ask the passenger to exit the vehicle. If the passenger refuses, the driver should turn off the vehicle, secure their belongings, and exit the vehicle to contact legal authorities for the passenger’s removal. Drivers can cancel the ride and report it as an “unsafe rider.” Complete your end-of-ride report and include dashcam video. If legal authorities are called, drivers should obtain a copy of the police report and submit it to our administration for documentation.

Drivers who report a rider have the option to never be matched with that rider again, and vice versa. If a driver or rider is rated at 3 stars or below, they will not be matched with one another again. Any rider reported for unsafe behavior will receive a warning, and riders reported three times by any driver will be permanently banned from Wind Haven services. Riders who refuse to exit a vehicle upon request and require legal authorities to intervene for their unsafe behavior will be immediately banned from services without warning. There will be no refund for a rider kicked out of a car for unsafe behavior.

Criminal Background Policy

Wind Haven prohibits the employment of individuals with any past convictions of violent crimes, crimes against vulnerable populations, crimes of endangerment, sexual offenses, etc. Wind Haven will not accept drivers with a DUI within the past 7 years. For minor criminal convictions other than those listed, Wind Haven may consider employment if the convictions are at least 10 years old. However, Wind Haven reserves the right to assess criminal backgrounds and reject employment based on any convictions.

Prohibited Major Criminal Convictions:

  1. Violent Crimes:
    • Homicide or Manslaughter: Any conviction related to the unlawful killing of another person.
    • Assault and Battery: Especially aggravated assault or assault with a deadly weapon.
    • Robbery: Armed robbery or strong-arm robbery.
    • Kidnapping: Including abduction and false imprisonment.
    • Domestic Violence: Any conviction related to domestic violence, including spousal abuse, child abuse, or elder abuse.
    • Sexual Assault and Rape: Any form of sexual violence or coercion.
  2. Crimes Against Vulnerable Populations:
    • Child Abuse or Neglect: Any form of abuse, exploitation, or neglect of children.
    • Elder Abuse: Any form of abuse, exploitation, or neglect of the elderly.
  3. Crimes of Endangerment:
    • Driving Under the Influence (DUI/DWI): Multiple convictions, especially if recent or if they resulted in injury or death.
    • Reckless Driving: Particularly if it led to injury or property damage.
    • Hit and Run: Leaving the scene of an accident, especially if it resulted in injury or death.
  4. Sexual Offenses:
    • Sexual Harassment: Criminal convictions related to sexual harassment.
    • Indecent Exposure: Including public indecency and lewd acts.
    • Child Pornography: Any involvement in the production, distribution, or possession of child pornography.

Independent contractors offered employment with a criminal background will undergo a 6-month probationary period. Individuals with a history of drug convictions will be subjected to random drug tests throughout their employment, as outlined in the drug policy.

Drug Policy

Wind Haven strictly prohibits the employment of individuals who test positive for methamphetamines without a valid prescription. Additionally, Wind Haven does not employ individuals who test positive for any other illegal street drugs. If you have a prescription for a medication that may appear on a drug test, you must provide a current copy of the prescription when you submit your drug test.

Wind Haven does not bar employment based on legal marijuana use; however, all drivers must remain sober while operating their vehicles, and vehicles must not emit foul odors. If you possess a medical marijuana card, you must upload it to the driver app.

Any driver reported for driving under the influence (DUI) or caught driving under the influence with a passenger in the car will be permanently deactivated.

If a rider enters your vehicle and emits the smell of marijuana, alcohol, or other substances, drivers may decline the ride, as our service is exclusively for work commuters. In such cases, drivers can cancel the ride and select “substance use” as the reason for cancellation.

The use of drugs and alcohol is strictly prohibited inside vehicles by both drivers and riders. We prioritize safety and are not designated drivers but rather a commuter ride service.

General Policy

Wind Haven drivers operate as independent contractors. Wind Haven assumes no liability for driver accidents, and drivers are responsible for having appropriate insurance coverage for transporting passengers. Our service offers affordable rides exclusively for commuters traveling to and from work.

The mileage rate for Wind Haven drivers is $0.96 per mile, which is paid directly to the driver. Additionally, Wind Haven charges a flat service fee of $5 per ride, allocated to the organization. Pre-scheduled stops during rides will earn drivers an additional $5 per stop, with a limit of 2 stops per ride, with a time limit of 15 minutes per stop. If a stop goes over 15 minutes, passengers are required to compensate their driver an additional $1 per minute. Stops that continuously exceed the 15-minute time limit may result in service suspension for more than 3 consecutive stop limit dings/warnings. If a rider refuses to further compensate a driver for a stop going over the 15-minute time limit, drivers have the right to end the ride immediately, and no refund will be issued. Wind Haven strictly operates as a commuter transport service and does not function as a rideshare company.

All rides and stops must be scheduled and paid for in advance through our website. Riders are required to enter their workplace details into their rider profile for verification by drivers.

To calculate potential revenue after expenses, we offer the following formula: The total rate for the passenger includes the $5 service fee paid to Wind Haven, the driver’s flat mileage rate ($0.96 per mile), and the driver’s stop rate ($5 per stop, MAX 2 stops per ride).

The four main marginal cost categories for professional drivers are:

  1. Fuel
  2. Maintenance and repair
  3. Mileage depreciation — the declining value of a vehicle based on how much it is used
  4. Extra cleaning associated with providing rides

Estimates of these expenses, we used data on car ownership from AAA and weighted them to the types of vehicles on professional driver platforms. We estimate that the average expenses for U.S. drivers while on a driver platform are approximately 31 cents per mile

For more specific cost estimates for your vehicle category, review the table below:

Drivers should consider all vehicle maintenance costs and plan accordingly. Wind Haven recommends cost-saving services such as Discount Tire for tire services with complimentary tire rotations, flat repair, air checks, and a lifetime wheel alignment for a one-time fee, as well as Walmart for oil changes, fluid checks, and light inspections. For major mechanical work, C & G Automotive in Warner Robins is recommended.


All passenger rides with Wind Haven must be booked and paid for before a driver is dispatched. Passengers are required to schedule their rides at least 24 hours in advance. Riders are responsible for scheduling their ride with enough time to get to work with at least 15 minutes of leeway for traffic and other unforeseen delays. Passengers are responsible for their work schedules and getting to work on time, accounting for safe driving, traffic laws, and potential delays on the road.

Drivers should be on time for time-sensitive pickups, so plan accordingly! For example, If your ride is scheduled for 7:30 AM, and Google Maps (or any navigation service) indicates it takes 20 minutes to drive to your scheduled pickup, you should be on the road by 7:10 AM. All pre-ride safety checks should be completed by this time. Utilize Google Maps (or another navigation service) to check for possible delays and choose the best route! Always use the navigation service when driving to a customer destination, as it can detect upcoming delays and offer a redirection! If you have an unexpected delay not detected by the navigation system, make sure to contact your rider and document the unexpected delay and that contact with the rider was attempted or made in your end-of-ride notes.

Cancellation Policy: If a rider needs to cancel their ride, cancellations should be communicated at least 2 hours before pickup. If payment has been sent, cancellations confirmed at least 2 hours prior will be fully refunded. Cancellations after 2 hours prior to pickup may be partially refunded, but there will be a late cancellation fee deducted. No-shows will not receive a refund, and more than 3 no-shows will result in future rides being suspended. 

Driver Emergency Policy: In the event of an emergency such as a vehicle breakdown, accident, hospitalization, or non-working dash cam preventing a driver from picking up a passenger, the driver must contact Wind Haven immediately so we can dispatch another driver. Drivers are responsible for inspecting their vehicles and testing their dash cams at least 2 hours before their first ride.

Ride prioritization is based on time sensitivity, with priority given to riders commuting to work over those needing rides home from work, for example.

Driver After-Ride Reports, Rider Surveys, and Complaints Policy: Driver after-ride reports are required and are designed to protect our valued drivers from passenger accusations that may not be true. Yes, we know this happens, we’ve driven for rideshare companies long enough, and this will not be tolerated nor will we allow it to impact driver ratings or performance evaluations if the information is not accurate… drivers must complete their after-ride report at the end of every ride.

Drivers will be able to rate the rider in their report, and this rating will determine if they driver gets paired with this rider again. A rating of at least 4 stars is required to be paired with the rider again, so keep this in mind when applying a rating! Ratings of 3 stars or lower will result in you not being paired with that rider again.

Passengers have the option to rate their driver at the end of each ride. Please rate your drivers fairly & accurately! If you had a great experience, please give them five stars! Important to note: if you rate a driver three stars or less, you will not be paired with that driver again. So if you had a good experience and would like that driver again, a minimum four-star rating is required. Keep this in mind when applying your rating.

There will also be an optional end-of-ride survey/comment box for additional information about the driver and the ride. If a passenger is reporting a messy vehicle, they must also upload a photo taken during the ride duration. We will compare rider surveys with driver after-ride reports and any evidence if there is a rider complaint. If drivers wish to dispute any complaints against them, their dash cam is their best friend.

Clean Vehicle Policy

Driver vehicles should be cleaned as needed. To avoid vehicle cleanliness dings from riders and ensure reimbursement for messes made by riders: Document with your camera whether your vehicle interior was clean or dirty before each pickup. If the vehicle is clean between pickups, drivers are still required to upload a photo verifying the car was not a mess after the passenger was dropped off with their after-ride report. This protects the driver and riders from false accusations If it’s not documented, it didn’t happen!

All seats and floorboards must be free of trash and personal items. Drivers should keep their personal items in the trunk or front seat. The front passenger seat should only be used by a passenger if there is no available seat in the back. If a passenger must sit up front, the driver should keep their personal items in the trunk, and keep their license, insurance card, and registration in the glove box or other enclosed console area in the cabin.

The vehicle floor in passenger areas should be free of excessive dirt and seats should be free of dirt and/or other wet/sticky mess before picking up your first ride of the day. Normal amounts of dirt are expected to accumulate on the floorboards, but vacuum as needed. Please use your discretion and ensure dirt on the floor is not excessive. Other messes on your floorboard besides normal dirt accumulation should be cleaned as needed after each ride if a passenger leaves a mess. Excessive dirt accumulation in floorboards should be cleaned as needed after each ride if a passenger leaves a mess. Seats should be vacuumed/cleaned as needed after each ride if a passenger leaves a mess. (See Clean-Up Reimbursement Below.)

Keep a trash receptacle in your vehicle and check it after each ride, emptying it as needed. Trasn should not be overflowing. Check for trash and personal items that may have been left by the passenger between every ride! All trash must be cleaned up between rides. Any mess left by a passenger must be documented with photographs and end-of-ride notes and reported immediately after the ride when the mess occurred. (See Clean-Up Reimbursement Below.)

Any personal items left by a passenger must be reported immediately after the ride and the driver must attempt to contact the passenger to inform them a personal item was left. The driver should secure the personal item until it can be returned. If a driver is required to return the item outside of another scheduled ride to the same passenger, there will be a $5 fee for the driver to deliver the personal item to the passenger.

Passengers are responsible for their personal items. A driver will return the item when their driver schedule permits or if they pick you up for your next ride, whichever occurs first. Drivers are not required to interrupt their schedule for other passengers to return an item someone left in their vehicle. Drivers are required to make contact with the passenger and arrange for the item to be returned at a reasonable time.

Clean-Up Reimbursement:

In the event a rider leaves a mess in your vehicle, drivers must capture photos/video of the mess and submit a report immediately after the ride ends. Upload the photos/video and any receipts using the designated form, and provide a details note about what you had to clean up before taking your next ride. A cleanup fee will be charged to the rider, and the amount will be credited to the driver. An unpaid cleanup fee will result in suspension from future services.

ATTENTION RIDERS: If you don’t want to be charged a cleaning fee, don’t leave a mess in our drivers’ cars. Be respectful. Trash should be thrown into a trash receptacle available inside the vehicle or simply take your trash with you and throw it away at your location. To avoid spills, do not eat or drink in the driver’s car. If you eat or drink in the driver’s car (with or without their permission) and you spill something, you are responsible for the mess. You can either help them clean it up or pay the cleaning fee. See the clean-up fees below. This stuff can add up quickly if you leave a big enough mess. If you have an unpaid balance for a cleaning fee, all services will be suspended until it is paid. For example, if you leave a mess on your way to work, and are charged a cleanup fee, it must be paid before a rider can pick you up from work. The cancellation policy applies for rides that are already booked and paid. To avoid a complicated mess with your rides, don’t make a mess. If you get into a vehicle that is already a mess, you will have the option to also report vehicle cleanliness at the end of the ride.

Clean-up fees include:

Note: There will be check boxes on the report for each of the following along with a note section for a detailed explanation, as well as the ability to upload a photo.

Trash pickup: Passengers are responsible for their trash! Drivers should have a trash receptacle in the vehicle (either a small trash can or a plastic sack will work). If passengers fail to throw away their trash and the driver has to clean up their trash after the passenger exits, there will be a $5 fee. Sample clean-up note: “Rider left trash in the back of my car and I had to pick it up even though there was a trash bag available.” A photo must be provided to verify the mess.

Food/Drink Spills: Drivers may decide if eating or drinking is allowed in their vehicle. If a driver allows eating or drinking, the rider is still responsible for any spills. For spills, there will be a $5 flat fee plus the cost of any new cleaning supplies the driver is required to purchase to clean up the mess. If a passenger eats or drinks in the car without permission, drivers should include this in their after-ride report and indicate if they do or do not wish to pick up the passenger again. Sample clean-up note: “I did not give permission for the passenger to eat in my car. They left food trash and spilled their soda on my seat. I had to pick up the trash ($5 trash pick up) and purchase some upholstery cleaner for my seat ($5 spill fee + receipt cost of upholstery cleaner.) A photo must be provided to verify the mess.

Car Wash/Vacuum Fees: Drivers should submit receipts for any car wash services used to clean their vehicle after a passenger mess using the provided form for reimbursement. Sample clean-up note: The passenger tracked mud in my car so I had to go to the car wash to get it cleaned up (receipt cost reimbursed for the cost of car wash services to clean up the car). A photo must be provided to verify the mess.

Personal Vaccum Option: If a driver opts to purchase a vacuum specifically for cleaning up a mess caused by a rider, they will be reimbursed for the initial cost of the vacuum from that ride. However, the vacuum purchase must be reasonable, with a maximum reimbursement of $30. Note that drivers will not be reimbursed for vacuums purchased before the date of the incident. A receipt must be provided. Sample clean-up note: Rider tracked a lot of dirt into my car and I had to buy a vacuum to clean it up before my next ride. (Receipt cost of vacuum UP TO $30 reimbursed). Otherwise, a flat rate fee of $5 will be charged for any messes that require vacuuming after a ride using a personal vacuum already purchased. So please indicate in your report if you used a personal vacuum and you will receive the flat fee. Sample clean-up note: Rider spilled food in my car and I had to vacuum it up. I used my personal vacuum. ($5 flat fee charged). A photo must be provided to verify the mess.

Drivers have the option to rate their riders, and if a driver does not wish to be matched with a particular rider again, they can indicate this preference in the form. Please use your best judgment when deciding not to be matched with a rider again, as this lowers your rider pool.

It is mandatory for drivers to report any mess with pictures, clean up the mess, submit receipts for reimbursement, and complete this process before accepting another ride.

Regarding Child Passengers:

If a rider needs to transport children to daycare or school before work, and state law mandates that the child must be in a car seat or booster seat, the rider must have a legally compliant car seat for the child. Legal car seats must not be expired, and all straps and buckles must be in proper working order. Riders should familiarize themselves with state laws regarding car seat requirements. It is the rider’s responsibility to ensure that the car seat is clean before placing it in the vehicle, as failure to do so may result in a cleanup fee.

Riders must present identification at pickup to confirm that the driver is picking up the account holder. We do not transport children unless it is with the account holder for the purpose of dropping them off at childcare or school on the way to the place of employment. This arrangement must be a scheduled stop. Riders must select a driver with sufficient back seats available for themselves and their children. If a rider has more passengers than available seats, the driver should cancel the ride. We do not transport children to/from school/daycare unless the account holder is present in the car.

Drivers are prohibited from having their child(ren) in the vehicle while transporting passengers. If a driver is reported for having their child(ren) in the car during rides, this will result in permanent deactivation upon the first offense. Drivers should not have any other person in the vehicle for safety and liability purposes. If a driver is reported for having anyone else in the car, they will be deactivated.

Passenger Behavior:

In addition to our drug policy, passengers are expected to show respect towards drivers and their vehicles. As a service provider, drivers are also required to maintain a respectful demeanor at all times. If you encounter a disrespectful passenger, please continue to provide courteous customer service until the ride concludes. You have the option to decline picking up a passenger again if you experience any issues during a ride. If you as the driver are made to feel unsafe, you may stop the ride at any time.

Passengers who consistently display rudeness towards our drivers risk being removed from our service. Therefore, we encourage our drivers to always attempt to de-escalate situations and exhibit kindness and courtesy. For passengers who do not respond positively to de-escalation efforts, drivers should document the tactics used and the passenger’s response. If these passengers persist in causing issues for drivers, they will no longer be eligible to use our services.

Drivers are strongly encouraged to document interactions with extremely difficult passengers and request not to drive them again. If such difficult passengers continue to be reported and there are no available drivers willing to accommodate them, we will be compelled to remove them from our service. This is our policy, as we extend leniency until it is no longer feasible, ultimately leading to the natural consequences of ongoing disruptive behavior.

Driver Etiquette for Commuter Services:

  1. Professionalism: Drivers should maintain a professional demeanor at all times when interacting with passengers. This includes being courteous, respectful, and attentive to passenger needs.
  2. Communication: Clear and effective communication is key. Drivers should communicate important information such as arrival times, route options, and any unexpected delays promptly and courteously. Drivers should politely greet customers upon entry to their vehicle and offer polite salutations when they exit. Drivers are not required to initiate any further conversation. Some passengers prefer a quiet ride, so drivers should respect this. Drivers should only engage in polite personal conversation if initiated by the passenger.
  3. Vehicle Cleanliness: Drivers are responsible for ensuring their vehicles are clean and well-maintained. This includes regular cleaning of the interior, keeping seats and surfaces free from debris, and ensuring the vehicle is odor-free.
  4. Safety First: The safety of passengers is paramount. Drivers should adhere to all traffic laws, drive responsibly, and prioritize passenger safety at all times. This includes ensuring that all passengers are wearing seat belts and securing any necessary child restraints.
  5. Respect Passenger Privacy: Drivers should respect passenger privacy and refrain from engaging in intrusive or personal conversations unless initiated by the passenger. Confidential information shared by passengers should be kept confidential.
  6. Accommodate Passenger Needs: Drivers should strive to accommodate passenger needs to the best of their abilities. This includes assisting passengers with luggage, providing a comfortable and safe ride experience, and accommodating reasonable requests whenever possible.
  7. Maintain Professional Appearance: Drivers should present themselves in a neat and professional manner. This includes wearing appropriate attire, maintaining personal hygiene, and keeping their vehicle’s exterior clean and presentable.
  8. Handle Complaints Professionally: In the event of a passenger complaint or issue, drivers should handle the situation calmly, professionally, and in accordance with company policies. Drivers should strive to resolve issues amicably and prioritize customer satisfaction.

By adhering to these guidelines, drivers can provide a positive and enjoyable experience for passengers, enhance their reputation as a reliable service provider, and contribute to a safe and professional service environment.

Passenger Etiquette:

  1. Respect for Drivers: Passengers should treat drivers with respect and courtesy at all times. This includes refraining from using offensive language, making derogatory remarks, or engaging in behavior that may be considered disrespectful.
  2. Timeliness: Passengers should be punctual for their scheduled rides and ready to depart at the designated pickup time. This helps ensure a smooth and efficient ride experience for both the passenger and the driver.
  3. Communication: Clear communication is essential. Passengers should provide accurate pickup locations, communicate any special instructions or preferences to the driver, and notify the driver promptly of any changes or delays. Our drivers’ jobs are to drive you to your location safely. Our drivers should greet you politely upon entering the vehicle, and give polite salutations upon exiting. They are not required to initiate a conversation, rather they are encouraged not to engage in conversation unless initiated by the passenger. Some passengers prefer a quiet ride, and our drivers will respect this.
  4. Safety First: Passengers should prioritize their safety and the safety of others during the ride. This includes wearing seat belts, following the driver’s instructions regarding seating arrangements, and refraining from distracting the driver or engaging in unsafe behavior.
  5. Cleanliness: Passengers should respect the cleanliness of the vehicle and avoid leaving behind any trash, spills, or messes. If a passenger accidentally creates a mess, they should inform the driver and offer to assist in cleaning or covering any cleaning fees.
  6. Privacy and Boundaries: Passengers should respect the privacy and personal space of the driver and fellow passengers. Confidential conversations or sensitive information should be kept private, and passengers should refrain from engaging in intrusive or disruptive behavior.
  7. Fair Treatment: Passengers should treat all drivers and fellow passengers fairly and without discrimination based on factors such as race, gender, religion, or nationality.
  8. Compliance with Policies: Passengers should adhere to the policies and guidelines set forth by the service provider. This includes following any rules regarding smoking, alcohol consumption, or additional passengers.
  9. Feedback: Constructive feedback can be valuable for improving the overall ride experience. Passengers should provide feedback to the service provider in a respectful and constructive manner, focusing on actionable suggestions for improvement.

By practicing good passenger etiquette, passengers contribute to a positive and enjoyable ride experience for themselves, the driver, and fellow passengers. This fosters a respectful and harmonious environment within the service community.

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