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Serving Houston County, GA - Warner Robins, Centerville, Byron, Bonaire, Kathleen, Perry

Welcome to Wind Haven’s Angel Cleaning Service, where cleanliness meets perfection! Our devoted 2-man cleaning crews are dedicated to transforming your space into a pristine sanctuary. Priced at just $40 per hour, our expert team delivers exceptional cleaning services tailored to your needs. We specialize in:

  • vacuuming,
  • sweeping,
  • mopping,
  • dusting,
  • and comprehensive bathroom cleaning (toilet, sink, shower).
  • Let us handle your dishes, ensuring your kitchen gleams with our basic kitchen clean!
  • Residential cleaning for houses, apartments, & condos! 


You provide the cleaning supplies, and we guarantee impeccable service. With Wind Haven’s Angel Cleaning Service, cleanliness is our commitment!

What sets us apart? Not only do we provide outstanding service, but your proceeds also support the Wind Haven Foundation. Our cleaning crews consist of survivors of domestic violence, and your patronage enables us to provide them with a living wage. Experience the difference with Wind Haven’s Angel Cleaning Service – where your clean space supports a worthy cause. We use the following check-list when cleaning homes:


  1. Dishes: load & unload the dishwasher. Rinse food off dishes before loading. If no dishwasher, handwash & dry. 
  2. Wipe down & disinfect counters & appliance tops. (All items on the counter moved, cleaned around, and replaced).
  3. Clean microwave exterior & interior. Wipe down the exterior of any other small appliances (toaster, blender, etc).
  4. Wipe down cabinet fronts.
  5. Clean off & wipe down table & chairs.
  6. Sweep & mop the kitchen floor. 
  7. Empty trash.


  1. Clean & disinfect the interior & exterior of the toilet.
  2. Clean & disinfect the sink, fixtures, & countertop.
  3. Clean & disinfect shower/tub/fixtures/tile.
  4. Clean the mirror
  5. Empty trash.
  6. Neatly fold & hang any towels & washcloths. 
  7. Sweep/vacuum/mop floor.


  1. Make beds.
  2. Dust furniture, lamps, picture frames, etc.
  3. Clean/disinfect fixtures.
  4. Clean any mirrors.
  5. General straightening & tidying of the room.
  6. Empty trash. 
  7. Vacuum/sweep/mop floors.

Living Area(s):

  1. General straightening & tidying of the room.
  2. Vacuum upholstered furniture & fluff/straighten throw pillows.
  3. Dust furniture, lamps, picture frames, etc.
  4. Clean/disinfect fixtures.
  5. Clean any mirrors.
  6. Empty trash.
  7. Vacuum/sweep/mop floors – including hallways & stairs.

*Full payment is required in advance before services are provided. Customer should ensure all cleaning supplies are available & in good working order. 

Contact & Payment Details

Rate: $40/hour for a two-man cleaning crew. 

Standard 1-Hour Clean: Four Rooms – Example: (1) sinkload of dishes & complete kitchen clean. (1) complete bathroom clean. (1) complete bedroom clean. (1) complete living area clean. Up to 800 sq ft home.

Standard 2-Hour Clean: Up to 8 Rooms – Example: (Up to 2) sinkload(s) of dishes & complete kitchen clean. (Up to 2) complete bathroom cleans. (Up to 2) complete bedroom cleans. (Up to 2) complete living area cleans – I.E. living room & dining room.  801-1600 sq ft home.

*For homes larger than 1600 sq ft and with additional rooms, add 1-hour per 800 sq ft.

CONTACT: For questions, inquiries, or more information e-mail us at AngelClean@WindHavenFoundation.org 

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